Every Kid. Everywhere. For Eternity

Welcome to Southwest Missouri Young Life!

Young Life in Joplin started in 1997 when a group of caring adults began praying together that the students at Joplin High School who didn’t believe in God would come to know the name of Jesus through Young Life! 26 years later and Young Life is now active and reaching students at Joplin High School, Carl Junction High School, Carthage High school and beyond in the Southwest Missouri area.

Every week in our community, college-aged and adult volunteers called Young Life leaders enter into the world of high school and college students in hopes that the relationships they build will lead to significant conversations about Jesus. Just as Jesus came to us in our world, you will find a Young Life leader going to students on their turf. You can find our Young Life leaders in the lunch room, at a Friday night football game, and enjoying coffee and good conversation with their high school friends at a local coffee shop!

Combining adventure, discipleship, and caring adults, Young Life believes everyone should hear the Gospel in a way that they can understand and be given a chance to respond to it.

Interested in getting involved or starting Young Life at your school? Call us at (417) 540-8872 or send us an email here.

Mission: Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith